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An ideal location for businesses, the City of San Juan Capistrano is situated one hour from the San Diego and Los Angeles markets via Interstate 5, and State Route 73, the San Joaquin Hills Toll Road. Approximately 1,792 businesses call City of San Juan Capistrano home. An active Chamber of Commerce provides a successful forum in which business owners can network, exchange information, and learn from one another.

The City of San Juan Capistrano's name is recognized around the world for its infamous return of the swallows. Why not give your business an international address?

The City's business license process is hassle-free, and caring city staff are available to answer your questions about opening and operating a business in San Juan Capistrano.

For information about getting a business license contact Donna Ducharm at 949-493-1171.

For information about where to locate a business (zoning) contact the Planning Department at 949-443-6331.

For general information about operating a business in San Juan Capistrano contact Karisa Rojas-Norton, Economic Development Administrative Specialist at 949-234-4572.

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